Congratulations Mr & Mrs Halstead!!! 6/23/12


What a FUN wedding!!! Venezuelan bride, all American groom.. A perfect international love! This picture was during La Hora Loca (The crazy hour). C’leb Entertainment was blessed to be a part of such an amazing wedding. Congratulations Mergil & Michael Halstead!


  1. M&M

    Our wedding was the best wedding we have ever been to! And C’leb with DJ Carlos and Nydia helped to make that happen.
    From day one they were fun, easy, professional and very pleasant to work with. They listened to what we wanted, answered all the questions we had, and guided us through the process. They also had great suggestions and made themselves available to us prior to the wedding. They kept our budget in mind and were very creative and flexible with ideas. They were very engaged and were as collaborative as we wanted them to be.
    The day of the wedding everything was perfect! DJ Carlos coordinated with the saxophonist and percussionist, had the fog machine, the up-lighting, all the music we have asked for, and everything was set up as planned. Everything was taken care of way ahead of time and Nydia as the MC had all under control and well organized. We did not have to worry about anything. She even coordinated with the catering company, the photographer and the videographer so everything was well synchronized, which is a great thing for a do-it-yourself wedding like ours.
    DJ Carlos and Nydia truly went above and beyond; it felt as if they were our own family! DJ Carlos found all the music we requested, even the Venezuelan and the other Latino ones. He mixed all the music and styles very smoothly. Everybody danced from the moment the music started playing until it ended, including my family from Venezuela, my new family from Michigan, and all our friends from Charlotte and around the world! Everybody had a great time, friends and family said it was the most fun they’ve ever had at a wedding reception. Particularly the “Hora Loca” which is a custom in my country was a hit, and DJ Carlos executed it very nicely!
    Thank you DJ Carlos and Nydia, you really made our celebration come together exactly how we envisioned it, and even better!…we look forward to celebrate with you again at the 25th anniversary! (if not sooner)

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