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  • Terry  E1468289429911

    Congratulations Mr. & Mrs Terry!

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  • NELSON E1468289663117

    Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Nelson! 6/24/16

    Enjoy this video clip of  Mr. & Mrs. Nelson while they were “Shaking it like a Polaroid picture”!

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  • Rachel Clyde2

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Covington!!!

    Another great Wedding for such an amazing couple!!!  Thank you Rachel & Clyde for letting us be a part of your celebration!  Family was GREAT, food was GREAT and of course Ivy Honeycutt did a GREAT job as always!  God bless!!!

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  • DSC001272

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Beaver!!! 6/30/12


    Thank you Brianna & Brad Beaver for allowing C’leb Entertainment to be a part of such an amazing event! We made 1pm feel like it was 10 at night! Once again congratulations and many blessings in your new life together!  

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  • IMAG11891

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Halstead!!! 6/23/12


    What a FUN wedding!!! Venezuelan bride, all American groom.. A perfect international love! This picture was during La Hora Loca (The crazy hour). C’leb Entertainment was blessed to be a part of such an amazing wedding. Congratulations Mergil & Michael Halstead!  

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  • Mr Mrs Bass2

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bass!!! 4/14/12

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bass. Thank you for allowing C’leb Entertainment to be a part of such a joyous & FESTIVE celebration. Your Wedding party had the employees of Founders Hall dancing around. Enjoy your lives together and we look forward to seeing you at …

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  • Nerieda Howard

    Congratulations Mr & Mrs Howard!!! 3/31/12

    Congratulations Nereida & Robert Howard!  What a JAM! Thank you for giving C’leb Entertainment the freedom to do what we do best – ROCK THE PARTY!!!  Due to the multi-culural Wedding we had the great pleasure of mixing Top-40 with Salsa, Soca, Reggae, Motown & …

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