C'leb Entertainment is the real deal! Non stop partying from the beginning to the end. We highly recommend C'leb and their team.

So you’re getting married and looking for the right Wedding DJ Company. You don’t know where to start and who to interview. Well you have good reason, because your Wedding is not just some ordinary party, it is a joyous celebration that will give you a lifetime of memories. It is an event that consists of many formalities – from the Cocktail Hour, Grand Introduction, Cake Cutting Ceremony, and many other traditions of a Wedding – that C’leb Entertainment is more than familiar with. We provide the appropriate music for each segment of your affair.

Our staff will guide you through the formalities of your Wedding, from the Bridal Party introductions to the Cake Cutting Ceremony, and make sure your vision of your Wedding becomes a reality. Not only will we guide you, but we will also sit down with you and go over our Wedding Worksheet 45 days prior to your Wedding Day.

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